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These companies trust us with their business:
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”(Consulting)
ЗАО “Обитель”
ЗАО “Обитель”(Energy-saving engineering systems)
ООО “Арт-Массив”
ООО “Арт-Массив”(Woodworking)
ООО “ИТ-Базис”
ООО “ИТ-Базис”(1С-franchisee)
ООО ТД “Талан”
ООО ТД “Талан”(Trading company)
MosPicnic(Restaurant consulting and catering services)

The “Armator” management company provides the full range of project / programs / business management services in full compliance with the leading project management technologies and methods (from idea generation to industrial/commercial production (bringing in investments, creating start-ups, executing projects, preparing business development strategy, generating new markets)).

11.12.2008 11:10 The “Armator” management company is the prize-winner of the «Chrystal Boat - 2008” in the nomination “The best company–partner in organizing high quality hotel management”
On December 9, 2008 the “Armator” management company became the winner of the 13th annual competition in the hotel and hospitality development of Moscow – the “Chrystal Boat” in the nomination “The best company-partner in organizing high quality hotel management” and received the prize “For development of the innovation hotel management solutions system”.
08.12.2008 18:10 The conference “International Arbitrage Court ICC: possibilities/ opportunities for Russia»
The “Armator” management company participated in the international conference organized by the International Chamber of Commerce: “International Arbitrage Court ICC: possibilities/opportunities for Russia”
03.12.2008 09:40 The “Armator” management company at the conference “Open Doors to the Silicon Valley”.
The “Armator” management company participated in the international investment and technology conference “Open Doors to the Silicon Valley”.
22.10.2008 13:41 “New Lunevo” – new possibilities for recreation
The “Armator” management company has started the final stage of constructing the “New Lunevo” – a new modern 4* hotel complex, situated 25 km from the ancient town on Kostroma at the picturesque shore of the Volga river in the pollution-free area of Russia.
20.10.2008 13:42 First boutique-hotel in Smolensk
The investment policy committee under the Smolensk region administration agreed with the initiative to build a 4* hotel for 150 rooms and conference hall for 300 seats.
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