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Our representative offices: Moscow: +7 (495) 108-76-75
Управляющая компания "Арматор"
These companies trust us with their business:
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”(Consulting)
ЗАО “Обитель”
ЗАО “Обитель”(Energy-saving engineering systems)
ООО “Арт-Массив”
ООО “Арт-Массив”(Woodworking)
ООО “ИТ-Базис”
ООО “ИТ-Базис”(1С-franchisee)
ООО ТД “Талан”
ООО ТД “Талан”(Trading company)
MosPicnic(Restaurant consulting and catering services)
«Use of the modern project management methodology is one of the most important guidelines in terms of the organization’s way forward.»

General Director “Armator”

The “Armator” management company provides the full range of project/programs management services in full compliance with the leading project management technologies and methods (from idea generation to industrial/commercial production (bringing in investments, creating start-ups, executing projects, preparing business development strategy, generating new markets)).

Success of each company is closely connected with execution of projects and programs, thus allowing to:

  • Increase company’s resourcefulness and adaptability to the environment;
  • Increase business transparency at various levels of management;
  • Optimize company’s activities;
  • Open new divisions within the company and master new areas of activity;
  • Increase business controllability;
  • Increase cost control level thanks to detailed pre-planning;
  • Accumulate experience and create the company’s own Knowledge Database.

The quality of the services provided by the “Armator” management company is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 compliance certificate (certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas (Norway).