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Управляющая компания "Арматор"
These companies trust us with their business:
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”
ООО “Консультационная фирма “МРЦБ”(Consulting)
ЗАО “Обитель”
ЗАО “Обитель”(Energy-saving engineering systems)
ООО “Арт-Массив”
ООО “Арт-Массив”(Woodworking)
ООО “ИТ-Базис”
ООО “ИТ-Базис”(1С-franchisee)
ООО ТД “Талан”
ООО ТД “Талан”(Trading company)
MosPicnic(Restaurant consulting and catering services)
Head of the “Investments” sector
Mikhail B.Smirnov
Those who want to spend their time and money for their benefit and profit - INVEST.
The “Armator” asset management company assists entrepreneurs and investors in finding new opportunities for business-projects execution.
  • Finding investment projects;
  • Engaging external financing;
  • Finding strategic partners and investors;
  • Developing concept and business plan for a new enterprise;
  • Financial control as well as investment project management;
  • Legal support for an enterprise creation;
  • Organizing activities that increase capitalization of the investment project.

The major idea – world crisis allowing investors to find new possibilities in the changed circumstances, to re-evaluate assets, to enter new markets and take up new niches in the innovation sectors.

By working with major market players in various sectors and regions, the “Armator” asset management company finds unique opportunities for investment projects, performs development and thorough review of the ones with high potential for the customers and proposes them for private and institutional investors.

We are trusted with managing challenging and significant projects of electrical energy companies, regional energy commissions, republics’ and cities’ administrations, scientific research institutes.

New opportunities

By completing the cooperation agreement with the “Armator” asset management company the investor uses existing business relations of the company with the administration and enterprises’ top management to select the investment projects.

Via the “Armator” asset management company the investor becomes part of the complex projects of special economic zones in the context of federal and municipal programs.

When trying to manage the project by himself the investor wastes much of his valuable time and effort on collection and analysis of the investment project, preparation of appropriate documentation and permitting, interaction with administration and contractors, day-to-day management.

The “Armator” asset management company takes upon itself all organizational issues dealing with developing and start-up of the project, with control of its timely execution and completion:

  • Project management, financial control;
  • Formation of contracts with specialized companies;
  • Preparation of decisions on asset purchase and sale, bringing in business operators.
Development of new initiatives under the International Chamber of Commerce – World Business Organization (ICC WBO)
Development of the touristic potential of the Republic of Altai via the “Altai Valley” project
Design and launching of the hotels in the Smolensk region
Cooperation with the Administration of the Republic of North Ossetia under the special federal program

Entering the project and exiting it is possible at various stages of the project execution. Preferable cooperation formats are discussed with each and every project participant in accordance with the financing plan and collaboration conditions in each project.

The “Armator” asset management company performs complex day-to-day management of the investment project on all its stages by being general project contractor as well as general director of the enterprise.

Investment project stages
Asset management company’s activities Result of the stage: market asset
Registration of an enterprise, legalization of property rights, quotas/shares Legal entity (closed joint-stock company)
Completing land tenure rights or selection/completion of an investment project Legal entity with complete rights for land tenure or investment contract
Marketing, development of a concept and business plan, acquiring permitting documentation, design and expert review Legal entity with completed land tenure rights or investment project, concept, business plan, approved permits, design, expert review
Bringing in contractors, obtaining construction permit Legal entity with completed land tenure rights or investment contract, with permit for construction
Construction of a facility, pre-commissioning and commissioning Legal entity with a commissioned facility
Preparation for economic activity (tax registration, acquisition of licenses/patents) Legal entity – enterprise ready for economic activity
Achievement of financial and economic goals of the enterprise Legal entity – enterprise with turnover index X, profit Y, tangible assets M, intangible assets N