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Effective management system: it’s time to out-source
Out-sourcing of services, establishment and development of specific business processes in:
Marketing and sales HR-management IT-infrastructure and services Quality assurance system
  • Marketing research, analysis of the enterprise’s environment;
  • Development of marketing plans for advertising based on the integrated marketing communications approach (advertising, PR, direct marketing, sales support and promotion);
  • Organization of exhibitions, seminars, master-classes, presentations;
  • Assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing activities;
  • Organization of measures for increasing the quality of consumer services/catering as well as interactions with clients.
When there is need to
  • optimize costs for auxiliary functions and services;
  • establish and develop functional divisions and processes within the company;
There is always a choice to
  • continue trying to solve these tasks by yourself;
  • call an external company-expert.
When one’s own resources come to the end, new qualitative breakthrough or changes in the company’s activities require/demand:
  • participation of the best professional in the industry/area;
  • experience in executing changes, support of functions and services;
  • best desired result to cost ratio;
  • cost reduction in comparison with the current period;
  • clear understanding of acquired result, service level.
An external company-expert provides your business with competitive advantages:
  • managers and employees focus on the major line of activity of the company;
  • reduction of costs for operating activities, office rent, workplaces;
  • the experience allows to use the most effective solutions based on the existing practices;
  • use of advanced technologies and methods to optimize the cost structure of your business;
  • release of resources for development of potential and growth.